What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process. Throughout the working relationship, we will engage in direct, personal and often challenging conversations.

Coaching does not involve me telling you what to do. It involves me facilitating a programme of sessions, utilising tools and techniques, to allow you to:

  • think deeply about an issue
  • gain a broader understanding and alternative perspectives of the issues you bring
  • explore potential options/positive solutions
  • get crystal clear on what you need to do
  • create an action plan to take you to your goal.

It is this goal orientated approach which elevates coaching above an ‘empathetic chat’. However, I am warm and empathetic (!) and I provide a supportive space for you to consider and reframe any limiting beliefs that might be preventing you from reaching your potential.

Together we can explore motivators and values (career anchors) to help you to better understand what makes you tick and what drives you, then I will hold you to account as you progress towards your programme goals.

I can support you to:

  • gain clarity on what you want
  • unlock your potential
  • improve your performance
  • deliver personal/business objectives
  • develop a growth mindset to achieve your ambitions, goals and dreams

When is coaching the best development intervention?

When you are:

  • contemplating a career or life change
  • considering starting your own business
  • facing redundancy
  • approaching retirement
  • returning to work following Maternity/Adoption leave
  • starting a new Leadership Role
  • looking to be more influential and effective in your organisation
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • reappraising your work/life balance
  • having difficulties with communication/team working/organisation and time management
  • working through options in response to a particular challenge in life
  • looking to improve your levels of confidence/’gravitas’ or personal impact
  • experiencing ‘Imposter Syndrome’

If you’re experiencing any of the above then my coaching services can help you.

Contact me for a free 45 minute exploratory call

Hannah Lindsell


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