Given that the average person works for 90,000 hours in their lifetime shouldn’t we be aiming for something that makes us happy?

I was in a position of not being satisfied with my work life and needing to find something new. I was unsure how to go about this until I experienced some powerful coaching myself and was then able to take steps to make changes to my life.

I’m now a Full-time, professional coach who is passionate about working with women to support them to explore troubling issues, consider their options and focus on positive solutions.

“Find a job you enjoy doing,

and you will never work a

day in your life.”

Mark Twain

Working with a coach can give you the courage to try something new or to discover your authentic self within your role/career. It can help you do something which aligns with your core values and beliefs that you genuinely enjoy doing.

As a Coach, I can work with you in any aspect of your working life (including personal or family issues which impact on it). I operate as a confidential, neutral sounding board to help guide you on the path towards the solution or direction you chose to take.

Coaching can help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Where possible I like to meet coachees in green spaces as I love nature and the de-stressing effect it has. However we can meet online or over the phone just as easily.

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Hannah Lindsell


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