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Helping women find the path to where they want to be

As we enter 2021 we continue to feel the economic impact of Covid-19.

This has led to more and more women facing uncertainty in their careers.

Are you one of them?

Did Covid-19 affect your job? Maybe you are currently furloughed or are facing redundancy. Maybe you have shifted your business model to adapt and survive.

Or did Covid-19 affect your mindset? As change is forced upon us it may be a good time to re-evaluate what matters and consider adapting how you go about earning a living. Whether this is a change in business approach, a change in career or launching that ‘side hustle’ you’ve been day-dreaming of.

I was in a position of not being satisfied with my work life and needing to find something new. I was unsure how to go about this until I experienced some powerful coaching myself and was then able to take steps to make changes to my life.

I’m now a qualified, professional coach who is passionate about working with women to support them to keep perspective on difficult issues, explore their options and focus on positive solutions.

“Find a job you enjoy doing,

and you will never work a

day in your life.”

Mark Twain

Working with a coach can give you the courage to try something new or find your authentic self within your role/career. It can help you achieve a position which aligns with your core values and beliefs that you genuinely enjoy doing. Given that the average person works for 90,000 hours in their lifetime (equivalent to 3,750 days) shouldn’t we be aiming for something that makes us happy?

There is much made of defining coaching as Career, Executive or Life coaching. I don’t believe these distinctions are important. I can work with you in any aspect of your personal, family or working life. Operating as a confidential sounding board to help guide you on the path towards the solution or direction you chose to take.

I trained using the G.R.O.W. model and can use a range of tools and exercises to enable you to gain a deeper understanding and alternative perspectives of the challenges you face. I also like to work with coachees at a deeper level to examine motivators as well as identifying barriers preventing them from achieving what they want.

Where possible I like to meet coachees in the green spaces around London Borough of Richmond as I love nature and the de-stressing effect it has. Whilst we remain under Covid-19 restrictions we can meet online or over the phone and enjoy the photos of Bushy Park until they ease.

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