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Helping women find the path to where they want to be

Following a psychology degree, I have gained over 20 years of experience working with women facing inequalities such as substance misuse, homelessness, violence and exploitation.

I’ve worked across the NHS, civil service, local government and criminal justice settings. Specialising in turning around performance, training and workshop facilitation & project/event management. In addition I have written an in-depth piece of research about the challenges facing women selling sex for drugs on the streets of South London to inform London Borough of Lambeth how best to support the women. I also trained and worked as a rape and sexual abuse counsellor.

In 2016 I trained as a coach within my organisation in the Civil Service where I still offer coaching to a range of senior professionals. I love how it combines deep listening, my core belief that people can do anything they want to and gives me the chance to aid them with practical action planning.

In 2018 I achieved the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) level 5 Certificate in Coaching qualification.

I’ve always found it easy to build trusted relationships with people and been regarded as empathetic and a good listener. Taking these attributes and my professional qualifications I am lucky enough to be able to reap the huge rewards of supporting others to achieve their goals and dreams.

As a coach I am calm and reassuring yet challenging. Optimistic for change, I can quickly build rapport with those I work with. I am solutions oriented and, for my coachees, this is experienced as a well-managed process, which is frequently evaluated against both programme and session goals. A practical, action based approach ensures insights translate into meaningful and sustainable change.

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Hannah Lindsell

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