Here are some of the kind words received from those I’ve worked with:

  • CHCharity worker
  • Outcome – Considered her options for her future dream role, whilst reframing her current role for the purpose it served.

I approached Hannah because I want to find a job I’m passionate about, while overcoming ​the ​obstacles ​of ​self-doubt, fear and past career failures.

Hannah coached me with kindness, humour and wisdom, helping me work​ out my strengths and ​what steps I need to take to land my dream job.

  • HS Civil servant/Business owner
  • Outcome – Found the confidence to establish and grow her ‘side hustle’ to a thriving small business

Coaching has given me the confidence to start my own business out of work. I would never have had the confidence to do this without Hannah’s support and belief in me.

I am also happier in life, feeling more fulfilled and excited for what the future holds. I have found an area that I can thrive in.

  • SWCEO, Charity
  • Outcome – Considered and improved business offer, made several successful funding applications and got her va va voom back!

I would recommend Hannah very highly to anyone who feels their career needs an extra boost.

She is very creative and responds to issues quickly and empathically.

She works extremely hard in finding ways to shift your thinking and your approach to problem solving and is a warm and kind individual.

  • ER – Global Health Programmes and Partnership Manager
  • Outcome – Explored a number of career and further education options. Handed in notice on job that was making her unhappy.

I took some coaching sessions with Hannah and this experience has been one of the most helpful I had in understanding myself, where I am professionally and where I wanted to go.

Hannah is an extremely attentive listener and she is able to capture the essence and nuances of one’s thinking and help me transform them into concrete action plans.

As a result of my coaching sessions with Hannah I have taken important professional decisions, which have led to great new directions in my career. I will not hesitate to contact Hannah again, should I need guidance in the future.

  • MR – Interaction Designer, Civil Service
  • Outcome – Achieved a promotion

Hannah has supported me through an extremely eventful and turbulent professional six months, where she has been flexible, creative and responsive to  what I needed to work on.

She’s provided a warm and open space for me to work through some deeply rooted Imposter Syndrome patterns of thoughts, which has resulted in huge progress being made. 

She has really drawn from me a clearer understanding of my strengths, abilities and introduced methods of building confidence in my instincts which has resulted in exciting new opportunities.

I would highly recommend Hannah as a coach.

  • TK – Psychiatrist
  • Outcome – Made an important career decision

I consulted Hannah for a one-off session because I was in a huge dilemma about whether to apply for a permanent job which I had been doing as a locum. I had been given a sudden deadline. 

I asked Hannah to help me weigh up the pros and cons of applying, to give me some clarity of thought (I was in a bit of a quandary!) and to look objectively at my reasoning so far.

I found the session immensely helpful. Hannah is approachable, knowledgeable and fun! She ‘tunes in’ to the specific issue very quickly, and was able to help me think things through without ever telling me what to do.

By the end of the session, I felt much more confident about my own thoughts, and had arrived at a conclusion. We also spent a few minutes rehearsing how I could communicate my decision.

I’m very grateful to Hannah for helping me clamber out of ‘analysis paralysis’ and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again or recommend her.

  • LF – Founder, CEO, Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist 
  • Outcome – Reinvigorated her mojo for her business

I had always imagined that Coaching was for Corporate Executives and never really thought it could help me because I work in a creative field, then I met Hannah and realised Coaching is for everyone.

I had been in my career for 7 years and was feeling bored and unmotivated. I was contemplating a career change, but couldn’t figure if, or even how to make that happen.

Then I met Hannah! I warmed to her immediately, she is professional, timely and incredibly knowledgeable in her coaching practice and above all she made me feel relaxed and supported. She mapped out our sessions upfront according to my goals and had clear boundaries around what she was offering and whether coaching was actually what I needed.

Our first call was spent figuring out what I wanted and why, as well as streamlining the mass of possible crazy career ideas going around in my head. Subsequent calls worked on validating possible said crazy ideas and working out how to transition.

After every call things started to become clearer and clearer and my thought process around it became less chaotic.

Thank you Hannah… Looking forward to working with you on my next career change

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